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Notecards used in seminar on Strindberg.

Handwritten notecards on monodrama

Handwritten notecard on Lacan, Rodger Blin, and Artaud.

Handwritten notecards on the first surrealist manifesto.

Typewritten page containing an encyclopedic entry for Monodrama

Handwritten notecard of notes from Yeats' "Certain Noble Plays of Japan."

Handwritten notecard of Shaw quotes on comedy.

Michael Hattaway
T.S. Eliot
"He has no message; he is merely a great recorder... Middleton is teh richest 'realist' in Jacobean comedy"
constitute a "reality effect"
Hist realism is social and not mimetic

Handwritten notecard. Artaud-Seneca-Primitivism.

Typewritten notes on Pixerécourt with emphasis on "The Ruins of Babylon."

Typewritten pages on the relationship between melodrama and propaganda.

Typewritten pages on the history, theory, and practice of Melodrama with handwriten annotations.

Typewritten excerpt from Guilber de Pixerécourt's "Le Mélodrame" with several handwritten annotations.

Combination of handwritten and typewritten notes on Louis O. cexe and Robert Chapman's play adaptation of Herman Melville's novel "Billy Budd."

Typewritten excerpts from Charles Dicken's novel "Nicholas Nickleby."

Typewritten script excerpts from Edouard Brisebarre and Eugène Nus's "The Poor Of Paris."

Handwritten notecards on Ostrovski's "The Storm"

Handwritten notecards containing a synopsis of Ibsen's "Peer Gynt."

Handwritten notecards containing a synopsis of Ibsen's "Brand."

typewritten notecards with handwritten annotations taken from Stuart's notes on "Doll's House" and "Ghosts"

Combination of typewritten and handwritten notecards on Ibsen's "Rosmersholm."

Handwritten notecard with a breif note about Ibsen's "Pillars of Society."

Combination of handwritten and typewitten notecards on Ibsen's "Ghosts," includes a synopsis and critical comments.

Handwritten notecards on the structural elements in tragicomedy.