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A written tribute from a former student.


Edmund Lingan, PhD, 2006


February 17, 2012

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I thought that the Grad Center Ph.D. in Theatre faculty and students might want to know about this dedication to Daniel Gerould. Tonight my performance of Yeats's translation of King Oedipus opens at the University of Toledo Department of Theatre and Film, and I have dedicated the run of this show to Dan. At the moment, this is the best way that I know to honor Dan's memory.

"A Note from the Director Tonight's Performance is Dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Daniel Gerould (1928-2012)

On February 13, 2012, the world lost one of its most well-studied, cheerful, and profound theatre scholars: Dr. Daniel Gerould. Daniel Gerould will be remembered for the many books and essays he wrote about European avant-garde playwrights of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (including W.B. Yeats, who translated the version of Sophocles' King Oedipus that will be performed tonight). Upon learning of Daniei Gerould's death, a worldwide circle of theatre scholars and artists have come to together to celebrate his life and scholarly contributions. Today's performance is part of that celebration.

I would like to speak more personally about Dan (that is the name that I have always called him). Dan was to me a mentor and a dear, dear friend. I took many of Dan's courses while in graduate school, and his knowledge of theatre was apparently unlimited. Where other scholars wrote off experimental performances, plays, music, works of art, and artists as too bizarre to comprehend, Dan saw the manifestation of the human desire to express and understand those things that defy expression. It was my privilege to develop a close and deep friendship with Dan as I pursued my Ph.D. in theatre, and I am more than a little proud of the fact that he was the chair of my dissertation committee.

Most of all, I feel fortunate to have known this elegant gentleman-teacher, whose good taste, impish sense of humor, perpetual open door, sincere concern for students, and undying passion for art provided me with an ideal model that I seek to live up to every day as a professor at the University of Toledo. I would not be here without him, and so it seems fitting that King Oedipus should be dedicated to Dan, who I will always remember as my teacher, mentor, and friend.

Edmund B. Lingan" (Gerould Dedication in King Oedipus Program, 2/17/2012)


Edmund B. Lingan




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